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CSIS 2019

MES College of Engineering | Kuttipuram

26-28 July | 2019

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The Computer Society India Symposium is one of the annual flagship events of IEEE Computer Society. It will be a home for the students and professionals of different student branches across the nation. Its scope is to serve as the platform to enhance the learning, professionalism, leadership, teamwork in every single individual of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society. The main aim of CSIS 2019 is to bring the eminent speakers, a wide range of technologists, professionals and academicians around the nation in order to create an interactively beneficial platform for all the Student Members and Professionals where every member will get an opportunity to explore, experiment and enhance themselves.
The three days event will have a full package of exciting workshops, hands-on session, thought-provoking and revolutionary talks by the most eminent speakers on Entrepreneurship, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, IOT to cater and equip every individual with the recent technologies in today’s world.

CSIS Starts in

About IEEE Student Branch MESCE

Our IEEE student branch is your number one station for social and technical development! Our motto is to implant and blossom new technical and innovative ideas in the minds of the future engineers, creating a better world. IEEE SB MESCE is a platform to build up a future you want. This branch was officially formed in 2004 with a motive to help the students of MESCE with their creative ideas. Kicking off with a vibrant start, IEEE SB MESCE conquered places with their ideas and team spirit. In 2009, IEEE SB MESCE won the ‘Best Management Supports’ in the IEEE Kerala Section Awards. We also had 2 teams in the Top 20 of IEEE All India Student Awareness Contest. In 2011, IEEE SB MESCE hosted the LINK Camp. But for all I must say, we have only been warming up. But now, we are ready to get down to the field for the real game. Currently we are progressing with 94 innovative minds, an excellent team of volunteering members that are passionate about what they do.

About IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter MESCE

The IEEE Computer Society is the world s leading membership organization dedicated to ʼ computer science and technology. Serving more than 60,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the trusted information, networking, and career-development source for a global community of technology leaders that includes researchers, educators, software engineers, IT professionals, employers, and students. In our Student Branch of MESCE, we hold the highest strength of students pursuing a Computer Science undergraduate degree. This strength can only be powerful when in unison, and that is the foundation of the IEEE CS MESCE Society. With such motivated, determined and exuberant volunteers, the Society is destined to prosper.

Our Speakers


Shriram Vasudevan

Inovation and You (with IoT & AI)


Sobodh Gajare

Chief Architect, CISCO (Session on 5G )


Gopi Krishnan

Machine Learning Developer, Fullcontact Director, Campus Initiatives of TinkerHub


Anuj Dugal

Inovation Program Manager, Corporate Affairs, Intel India


Supriya V

Data Science, EY (Machine Learning Track)


Shruti Sridharan

9X Certified Saleforce Developer (Session on Business Intelligence)


Moosa Mehar MP

Co-Founder, TinkerHub Foundation (Session on Entrepreneurship)


Sreekutty O U

Country Ambassador, She love tech India & IEDC State Co-ordinator - Kerala Startup Mission


Radhakrishnan KG (RK)

Founder/Director WebNamaste

EVENT Tracks


Workshops, Distinguished lectures, empirical way of driving greater technological change and serving as a solid foundation to build a broader understanding of IoT applications, Get ready to bring yourself into the digital revolution.


Embarking on the entrepreneurial career path to “being your own boss", organized talks that take initiative necessary to anticipate current and future needs and bring good new ideas to market, bringing the zeal instinct to be successful in taking on the risks of a "startup".

Business Intelligence AND Machine Learning

Add cutting-edge skills to your business analysis toolbox, Workshops that make you conveniently build a portfolio you can show employers, dive deeper into interesting domains with larger projects. Experienced talks to understand the nuances of different tuning parameters and regularization methods.

Artificial Intelligence

Workshops, talks and engaging sessions to develop an experimental approach by comprehending the concepts of Artificial Intelligence that bestows a satisfying learning experience.

Teacher in Service Program

Teacher in Service Program serves as the perfect amalgamation of Technology inspired with a vision of benefitting the society at the grassroots level. The workshop puts you up to work and empower underprivileged children. An autonomous drone demonstration and an innovative circuit design workshop serves as unique differentiators. The main highlight of the event, is its product building session which teams design and build. Staying true to the word entrepreneurship, teams will be selling their designed products to the IEEE Community.


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  • Accommodation
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  • Event Passes
  • Accommodation
  • Food


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  • Event Passes
  • Accommodation
  • Food


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSIS?

The Computer Society India Symposium (CSIS) is one of the remarkable events of the IEEE Computer Society India. The main aim of this symposium is to bring professionals, speakers, experts, and other academicians so that the participants can interact and learn in the process.

Who can attend CSIS'19?

Student and young professionals across India who are interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT and who wishes to become an entrepreneur and learn the strategies of business and business intelligence can attend CSIS’19. We grant you for a hands-on session in all the above-mentioned fields.

How do students or young professionals get benefited from CSIS’19?

CSIS'19 is a brilliant platform for the professional members across India to collaborate with the challenging members from academics and industry. There will be interactive and innovative sessions for every individual and hands-on sessions for every track you have opted for.

What is the registration procedure for the CSIS?

The CSIS registration has two phases Phase 1 registration is open to all the students and young professional members across India. This is a primary stage where the applicants are required to fill some of the basic information about their previous experiences. Payment is not necessary for the phase 1 application.
The selected applicants will receive a confirmation mail for Phase 2 along with a link to the payment portal. Once second phase registration is done, a confirmation from the CSIS team will be sent, registering you as a participant.

What is the theme of the CSIS?

The theme is "Integrate to differentiate"

Is there any possibility for extension of accommodation?

There is no possibility of extended accommodation. But accommodation will be provided for all the participants all through the event.

Is there any occurrence of parallel sessions?

Various parallel tracks will be held which will include tracks such as entrepreneurship/IOT/machine learning/artificial intelligence/business intelligence/space tracks/job fair.

Which is the last date for the payment?

The payment link will be sent through the confirmation mail. This will be in the second phase registration.

Is there any chance for cancellation of the registration made?

Cancellation can be made with the mail ID which was used during the registration. If the second phase registration is made cancellation may not be done.

Can I get any discount during registration?

Discount offers may be given to IEEE and IEEE CS members.

For attending the event are there any mandatory requirements regarding IEEE?

CSIS is also open for Non-IEEE members. The CSIS is attended by many young professionals, research scholars and students all around the globe. Hence this is open to everyone. If you are an IEEE or an IEEE CS member, then their membership number should be given as the proof

Will the food and accommodation fee come under the payment I have already made?

The fee paid during the registration will include accommodation and food for all the three days.

Should I take care of accommodation by myself?

No. Accommodation will be provided for participants for all the three days of the CSIS.

Can any other participant attend the event in case of my absence?

No. Registration cannot be cancelled once if it is enrolled. Only the delegate who enrolled the registration should attend the event.



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